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Continuity of service and our response to investment volatility


Ensuring continuity of service and protecting our clients and staff

In the light of our own plans and the latest advice from the Government, we are taking a number of  steps aimed at ensuring continuity of service and protection of our clients and staff.

Thus, for the time being:


We are avoiding using public transport and only travelling where it is essential to do so.


We will be continuing to offer client meetings as scheduled but only by Zoom video conferencing, or by telephone.


In the past we have invested heavily in the technology to be able to access our systems securely from anywhere and to be able to work from home.  Some of our staff are already working this way and over the next week or so, it is envisaged  that all our staff will move to working from home.


You can contact us on our usual landline numbers or mobile numbers.  The landline may take a bit longer to be answered due to the fact that it is being forwarded around several home offices, so we would ask you please to be patient.  If you can’t get through then please leave us a message, or send us an email or text and we will respond as soon as possible.


We will aim to communicate with you principally by email rather than by post.  We will continue to monitor post for communications for which a hard copy is the only option but inevitably with staff working at home it will take a bit longer than usual for us to do so.  We would therefore ask you please to allow additional time when sending any time-sensitive correspondence (e.g. tax-year end paperwork such as ISA applications) to avoid the disappointment of missing deadlines.


Finally, we recognise that these are worrying times for everyone and we want to reassure you that we aim to remain available to our clients throughout the coming days, weeks and months, so please do get in touch as always if you need our help.

Please also have a look at Murray’s article of 18 March 2020 addressing our response to recent investment volatility, “Are things fundamentally different this time?

Mark Wigginton

18 March 2020


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