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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire



In order to help us assess your tolerance for investment risk please take a little time to complete the following questions. Please give an answer to every question except question 12 which is optional.

At the end of the questions please tick the paragraphs which give us your consent to hold the data and confirm you are not a robot!

You will receive a copy of your answers by email and we will also send you a Risk Tolerance Report as soon as your adviser has checked the results. We will incorporate these results into our advice and recommendations and we will explain the report in detail at your next review.

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    1. How experienced would you say you are as an investor?

    2. How important is it to you that your capital won’t go down in value in the short-term (1-5 years)?

    3. What is your investment time-horizon (i.e. how long can you afford to leave your investments before you might need access to the bulk of your capital – even though income may be required sooner)?

    4. Higher returns are more important to me than capital security

    5. When investing, what concerns you most regarding potential gains or losses?

    6. How far could you tolerate your investments falling in value (e.g. over a 12 month period)?

    7. Assuming that you have already set aside sufficient cash reserves for your short-term needs, which combination do you think would most suit your remaining long-term investments? (Low = cash; Medium = government and corporate bonds; High = shares)

    8. How do you think of investment risk?

    9. How easily do you adapt to financial disappointments?

    10. What degree of risk would you like to take with your investments?

    11. Would you prefer to invest sustainably/ethically where possible?


    12. Are there any other comments you wish to make which shed light on your attitude to risk?

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