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Read what our clients and others have to say about us

“I would like to thank you for holding my hand these last 18 months, I am deeply grateful for your steadying influence and advice.” Mrs A.B.

“I first contacted David Flowers in 1992 shortly after receiving a substantial inheritance from my parents when they died. Before that we seldom had much money left over at the end of each month and had no experience of investing. David was particularly helpful in steering us through the initial phases of investing and he and Murray McEwan have continued to give good advice in the intervening years.” Mr & Mrs B

“Your behaviour is beyond reproach. The emphatic approach with which all meetings have been conducted builds confidence”

“Great personal service”

“A thorough understanding of our portfolios and objectives”

“Willingness to help with extra issues such as wills, divorce and pension nominees.  I always receive a friendly, sympathetic, professional service.  The ‘whole person’ is being helped, not just the purse!”

Review in “Financial Adviser” (An FT Publication):

Shopper’s Choice’  –  “This was the clear favourite and would have resulted in further contact … the adviser was helpful and easy to talk to. A positive experience. 19/20.”

A Mystery Shopper

In response to ‘Master Your Money’ Seminars

“As a result of what I learnt, I will arrange my giving more effectively.”

“I learnt that giving can be a goal, not just a duty: as a result, I will up my giving to be more than last year.”

“I learnt (the need) to plan and make decisions rather than just close my eyes and hope we’ll get better with money.”

“It was so good to have someone coming in from outside and talking on the issue of money and debt, which is so taboo … the talks were so helpful to the church.”

CM & LM, Oxford

“Thanks very much for your visit earlier in the week. Louise and I both feel very ‘comfortable’ that you are overseeing our ‘stewardship’ of the gifts we are lucky enough to enjoy. We feel we are making ‘progress’ and you are certainly making us think about things that in the past would not have been given a lot of thought!”

PW, Leeds


“You have helped me get organised and understand my new situation. Your professional advice has enabled me to move ahead. Very many thanks – it has been interesting and enjoyable!”

GD & KD, Cambridgeshire

Managing Director

“You have helped us take a holistic view. You have provided peace of mind that should I die, you will help my wife to manage her financial affairs.”

PS & CS, Ilkley

“You have given coherence to our financial planning”

DP, Sheffield


“Thank you for sorting my finances out.”

JC, London


“Excellent service and value for money. I have enjoyed peace of mind as a result of your advice. You have helped me resolve a dispute with the Inland Revenue.”

HW & HW, Leeds


“You have helped us find paths through the jungle – saved us from wild animals.”

DW, Leeds

“To have the financial planning and asset management put in such clear terms was a refreshing change to some of my previous consultations.”