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Flowers McEwan is a financial planning practice based in Leeds with clients right across the UK. We have many years of experience in wealth management and particular expertise in the area of ethical investment.



We are here to provide you with objective counsel on how to achieve your financial goals, coaching on how to handle your money and comprehensive, independent financial advice.

“To have the financial planning and asset management put in such clear terms was a refreshing change to some of my previous consultations.” Doug Whiteley, Retired, Leeds





Managing money is not an end itself. Money is a tool for helping you achieve what really matters in your life. So let us help you work out what you really want to do and then how best to organize your finances to make it happen.

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Our Wealth Management service is for your life journey: we want to understand where you are now (your circumstances), where you want to be (your goals) and how best to help you get there (your financial plan).

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Usually a major life event triggers the need to get some advice. Receiving an inheritance, selling a business, landing a well paid job, getting married, having children, bereavement, retirement.

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Our Wealth Management service works really well if: you have investments or pension funds with a total value over £1,000,000 (our minimum is £500,000); or you earn over £100,000pa; or your financial affairs are complex and you need comprehensive advice.

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