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Working arrangements at Flowers McEwan


Like many of you, our work patterns and formats have changed radically over the last two years. We are working on a strategy for the future and would appreciate your feedback.

Obviously, we have learned to “work from home”. Whilst that is easier and more flexible on the face of it, there are significant downsides in terms of communication, team-building, compliance and morale. We are still using our Pickering House offices but to a much lesser extent.

Client meetings are working well through online video-conferencing although we miss the face to face experience and the establishing and maintaining of relationship that goes with it. On the other hand, it has enabled us to not only keep everyone “safe” but also keep a lid on our operating costs.

So, for the foreseeable future we will continue to work mainly from home and meet with you, our clients, predominantly by video/telephone. We will not forego face to face meetings entirely but will focus them on our Leeds office. That does not mean we won’t meet with clients who live at a distance, but that such meetings would need particular agreement and perhaps be less common than previously.

This arrangement is a work in progress and your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


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