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Who can you trust in the financial world?


Who can you trust in the financial world? How does someone go about finding a good financial adviser? Back in the olden days you would call a number on an advert or ask a friend. In these digital days, people tend to search for an adviser online. I had a go at doing just that this morning, in the name of research. And it’s a jungle out there! I find that some advisers are very web-savvy. Beautiful fonts, expressive pictures! Whether or not they are any good at financial planning is harder to judge.

So you can save your friends the trauma of the web and let them know about us instead! To be sure, we are not able to take on everyone who comes to us. Although we are very good in a particular sphere sometimes we have to signpost people to more suitable sources of advice. But if you are our client it is not unlikely that your friend or colleague is in a similar situation and we could help them greatly.

Typically we can provide a really good service to people whose personal financial affairs are too complex for them to feel confident they can manage or require specialist skills and knowledge. Our most popular and valued work involves one or more of the following:

  • a lifetime cashflow forecast which helps people make good financial planning decisions;
  • managing an investment portfolio with ethical preferences;
  • providing a space where difficult decisions and diverse priorities and values can be aired and discussed.

If any of these happen to come up in conversation (“who can we trust to advise us?”), not that it does very often, please feel free to say “Aha, I can help you there!” – and then pass on our details.


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