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Sustainable Investment Champions


Murray McEwan Impact Champion Social Investment Academy 2019

Photograph: Murray McEwan is presented with the Nick Millar Pioneer award at the Impact Investment Academy 19 November 2019 by Gavin Francis of Worthstone.

Sustainable Investment

We and our clients are becoming more aware of (and sensitive to) social and environmental concerns and the impact which financial decisions have – beyond our own financial security and profit.

We’re delighted that we have been able to make a very significant contribution to the development of UK investment products which allow you to diversify not just across asset classes but into the realms of sustainable investment too. Murray, in particular, has been working with a specialist group of advisers from across the UK to research and build the very first “Impact Portfolios” – where we can give you some detailed and meaningful feedback on the differences your investments are making in the world.  In November, in recognition of this work, Murray received the Nick Millar Pioneer Award as an ‘Impact Champion’ at the Impact Investment academy in London.

Interestingly, our pursuit of ethical, sustainable and impactful investment contributes to the diversification (see separate article) in our portfolios in a really healthy way. It is a very welcome side-product. For example: our standard 60% Equity Portfolio (which approximates to moderate risk) can demonstrate that 9.03% of the portfolio is invested in companies that satisfy the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Healthcare – contributing to “Good health and well-being”.

As we review client portfolios over the next year we will show you how Impact Portfolios might work for you. It is an exciting advance and a great deal more rewarding than chasing rock-star fund managers. We are rather proud to be have been significant contributors to its creation.


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